Who Knew?




by Carolina Smart at Lipstik Indie


Romy Shiller has done it again and after reading You Never Know, I knew she would.

In general it takes a lot for a book to hold my attention and a series even more so. My passion is fiction and non-fiction tends to leave me disappointed and in many cases the stagnated language used, bored. Romy Shiller on the other hand has a knack for not only drawing in the reader, but keeping them sitting at her dinner table, while she takes them down the path to an amazing journey.

“You Never Know is an inspirational book that everyone should read, as it proves to you, that determination and a will to rise above should never be doubted and Romy Shiller will prove it to you.” quote from my review of You Never Know. As with You Never Know, Who Knew is an inspiration. Romy shows the world that nothing to so terrible that you can’t find love, hope and life and like James Franco’s character in 127 hours, you go against the odds and get yourself out of the crevice.

What ever your situation may be, forgo the self help books. All the inspiration you will need, to figure out how to survive, thrive and live again can be found in You Never Know and Who Knew. It’s the only kick in the pants you will really need. I also strongly suggest you google Romy, check out her websites and read all you can about her.

Romy Shiller is a pop culture critic and holds a PhD in Drama from the University of Toronto. Her academic areas of concentration include film, gender performance, camp and critical thought. She lives in Montreal where she continues her writing. All books are available online.

Website: http://romyshiller.com/
Twitter: RomyShiller 






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